• A Matter of Balance Fall Prevention Program

    Posted on July 19, 2010 by in Featured

    Unfortunate but true, accidents do occur in the home.  The Aging Suite strives to provide people with information to help them age in place safely at home.  In keeping with our previous discussions on fall prevention, this week we’re highlighting various fall A Matter of Balance, a unique and effective fall prevention program.

    A Matter of Balance is a nationally recognized fall prevention program developed by the Roybal Center at Boston University.  The program was designed with several purposes including: helping to reduce the fear of falling, stopping the fear of falling cycle, and improving the activity levels of older adults living in the community.  The program consists of eight classes, each 2 hours long, that are run by trained coaches.  Class size may range from 8-12 people.  Strategies incorporated into their sessions include group discussions, problem solving, exercises to improve strength, coordination, and balance, and a home safety evaluation.

    A Matter of Balance also has good outcomes supporting their program.  After completing the program, participants demonstrated improvements with areas including their levels of fall control and fall management.  A Matter of Balance research indicates that after completing the classes:

    • 98% of participants would recommend the program to others
    • 97% felt they were more comfortable discussing the fear of falling
    • 99% planned to continue exercising

    To learn more about A Matter of Balance and states/organizations that currently offer this program click here.