• There’s an App for That: Connect My Folks

    Posted on July 22, 2013 by in Featured
    Whether you live across the country or just down the road, apps are a great way to keep in touch with aging parents and loved ones.
    ConnectMyFolks is a free app that installs on your senior’s iPad so he or she can receive emails, texts, photos and videos without the hassle of a computer, traditional email account or other service.The product developers had two objectives as they designed the app. “We wanted to make it easy for the senior who might have no computer experience at all, as well as to simplify things for the younger generation, which often ends up serving as technical support for the senior.”
    The app developers say that the simplicity and security are what’s attracting users. “Only people on the senior’s approved list can communicate through the app. That gets rid of spam, scammersand other threats. “Whether it’s a nephew who’s always asking for money or it’s a random phishing attempt, those emails won’t get through,” co-founder Steve Lee says. “It’s also impossible for the senior to break it, and that’s eliminating the fear factor.”
    You, serve as the administrator and set up preferences and specify approved senders by setting up an Address Book.  Then, you and anyone in the Address Book can send emails to your senion by using the free @connectmyfloks.com address that’s provided when you set up the account.  ConnectMyFolks eliminates spam by requiring that senders be added to an Address Book in order to send or receive email to the senior. Those sending to the senior can use any device, and any email service; they simply send to the free email address the senior receives upon sign-up. The app is ad-free. Visit www.connectmyfolks.com for more information.

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