• How to Feel Young Even as You Age

    Posted on September 6, 2010 by in Featured

    Editors Note: This week, we will be featuring a guest writer, Paul Hench.  Paul writes on the topic of mph degrees. He welcomes your comments at his email: paul.23hench@gmail.com.

    Growing old is never easy; it’s harder to accept the fact that your body is showing signs of age even as your mind works overtime to convince you that you’re really not advancing in years. Aging is a natural process of life.  One we all must do gracefully even if we don’t accept it graciously; and the best way to do this is to feel young even as you grow older. It’s not that difficult to flow with the years instead of fighting them, all you need to do is:

    • Pay attention to your looks: Personal grooming is of extreme importance when you don’t want to look and feel old. I don’t mean to imply that you must spend all your time at the beauty salon or that you must undergo cosmetic surgery to continue looking young. It’s enough if you care for your skin, hair, nails and other areas of external appearance through good personal hygiene and grooming habits. When you dress appropriately and look your best, you don’t feel old.
    • Exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet: Exercise helps keep you fit, strong and slim. It provides you with energy and vigor and keeps you feeling young naturally. Your bones are strong and muscles toned, and you don’t see those sagging bits of flesh that are associated with growing old. Also, when you eat a diet that’s rich in nutrients and low in fat, you avoid pasty skin that wrinkles too soon and a figure that is not flattering at all. So pay attention to what you eat and include 30 minutes of exercise into each day in order to feel young.
    • Stay away from alcohol and tobacco: I’ve seen it on friends who drink every day – they look much older than they are because alcohol ravages your eyes and face and makes you look unhealthy and old. You get bags under your eyes, your cheeks develop jowls, and your disposition becomes sour. When you smoke, your lungs become weaker and you don’t have as much stamina as you did before. All these factors combine to make you feel older than you are. So don’t smoke and avoid drinking too much if you want to feel young.
    • Learn how to use technology: Perhaps the biggest generation gap between children and parents is that the latter feel uncomfortable around technology, those of them who grew up before it exploded into what it is today. Some people shun computers just because they don’t know how to work them. Instead of avoiding technology however, learn how to use it. It’s not that hard, it makes your life so much easier, and you feel young when you hold and flaunt the latest gadget in your hand.
    • Don’t think you’re old: And finally, it’s true that age is all in the mind and that you are only as old as you feel. Even if you’re 50 years old, if you feel you can climb Mt. Everest, you sure can if you put in the necessary effort and are fit and healthy enough. If you think you’re too old to do it, you’re definitely not going to even attempt it. So think you’re young, and feel the difference.