• May is Older Americans Month

    Posted on May 6, 2013 by in Featured

    Older Americans Month was established in 1963 to acknowledge the contributions of past and current older adults. This year’s Older Americans Month theme—“Unleash the Power of Age!”— emphasizes the important role of older adults and their contributions to society. During this month, communities across the nation will recognize older Americans as the productive, active, and influential members of society that they are.


    Older Americans Month celebrations will acknowledge the value that older adults continue to bring to our communities by making an effort to applaud recent achievements of local elders and inviting them to share the activities they participate in to unleash the power of age.


    Seniors have made a huge contribution to our nation and we should make a special effort to honor seniors in our lives and communities.


    Older Americans Month Event ideas include:

    • Volunteering to help older adults in your community
    • Inviting a senior to a speaking event
    • Helping to coordinate a senior sports event
    • Hosting a community gardening event
    • Hosting a dinner/potluck event or volunteering with Meals on Wheels


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    To learn more about Older Americans Month and how you can volunteer, click here.