• PrimeWellness, your at home Balance Training and Fall Prevention Education

    Posted on September 30, 2013 by in Featured

    PrimeWellness is an innovative new tool for delivering personalized balance training and fall prevention education to the home.  It was created by Matt Henderson, a physical therapist.  Matt started noticing that more individuals were coming to his clinic looking for simple exercise programs for their daily wellness.  His patients often had multiple health care providers, personal trainers, and physical therapists. They had so many exercises that they felt confused and overwhelmed with information.  After seeing his clients for therapy over 4 to 6 weeks, they’d be  discharged once they felt confident about maintaining their home exercise program.  However, the problem was that they’ “almost always be back in the clinic within 6 months with the exact same problems and needing to be taught the exact same exercises all over again.”    

    PrimeWellness is unique in that, unlike exercise videos that are not customized and never change over time – the PrimeWellness program allows users to create a home program in which every exercise is the right level for the individual’s ability level. Clients can progress one or more of their exercises instantly and at any time – so that their program grows as their  abilities grow!

    • PrimeWellness strives to deliver simple, personalized exercise instruction directly to the individual – when and where it’s needed.
    • Our web-based application was built based on our founder’s experience as a physical therapist in the home health arena.  We believe there must be dynamic, professionally taught exercise resources available for those looking to maintain a basic physical wellness foundation.   Find out how it works here.
    • PrimeWellness was recently chosen as a one of five technologies that could change home health.
    • Their program is a completely free resource at this time, although we plan to switch to a subscription access in the future.
    • They continue to add new features and plan to make the application available as an app on mobile platforms.
    • You can follow PrimeWellness by liking us at facebook.com/PrimeWellness