• Rebuilding Together Helps

    Posted on August 30, 2010 by in Featured

    Rebuilding Together is certainly very busy these days.  The organization just completed their The Fifty for Five project, where they planned to rebuild 50 homes in 5 days in New Orleans, between Tuesday August 24th to Saturday August 28th,, in honor of the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

    Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit organization that provides free home rehabilitation and vital repairs for low income Americans.  Being able to age in place is a staple of Rebuilding Together.  They believe that the aging population as well as those with disabilities should be able to live safely and comfortably in their homes as long as possible.  They strive to revitalize communities and work so their clients can have affordable homeownership.  They also provide free home modifications and repairs and work to make homes more accessible and energy efficient.

    Rebuilding Together has several National initiatives, they include

    • National Rebuilding Together Day:  Volunteers and local affiliate leaders work together to fix and restore homes while non-profit facilities help to revitalize communities.
    • Safe at Home:  The goal of the program is to address home repair and maintenance issues that can limit access to the home or cause safety hazards.
    • Disaster & Relief Recovery:  The goal is to rebuild houses of low-income homeowners during times of disaster.

    Veterans Housing:  The goal is to help veterans with needed housing modifications and repair services. Green Housing: The goal is to provide energy efficient, money saving repairs that result in safer homes. To learn more about Rebuilding Together and how you can help, visit Rebuilding Together.