• Senior Marketers Cannot Ignore the Internet, part 2

    Posted on November 1, 2010 by in Featured

    Editors Note: This week, we will be featuring part II of  guest writer, Ellen Geotz article, Senior Marketers Cannot Ignore the Internet.  Ellen  is a regular author for All Assisted Living homes.com,  a website dedicated to helping seniors and their loved ones find assisted living facilities for retirement living.  Ellen grew up on the east coast and spent 10 years working in senior homes during her 20′s and 30′s before taking a break to raise her 3 children. Now that her children are in college, Ellen uses her knowledge of senior care to help her write about all of the latest industry news.

    Now that you know more about seniors’ online habits, and why they are a very valuable audience to target, there are some essential tips below you should take into account before embarking on a major marketing or advertising campaign geared towards seniors.

    1) Avoid using language and imagery that would make a senior feel old, or that stereotypes their demographic as weak or incapable. Instead you should appeal to them by showing seniors engaged in social activities,  which can include interactions with friends or family. Seniors want to be independent, and want products that appeal to that desire.

    2) When designing a website targeted toward Seniors, make sure and keep it simple and easy to use. Things like drop down menus or dynamic menus can be more difficult for a senior to use, as they need precision with the mouse to be accessed. Also make sure the font is not too small, and that you use enough color to make it stand out, without making it loud and busy.

    3) Seniors are not afraid to pay for quality, as they have the money to spend for the right product they desire, and do not want to waste time on an inferior product. They enjoy guarantees, as they want to be confident that the product they purchase will last. This also means that if something does go wrong, a senior will expect you to provide them with excellent customer service to resolve whatever the issue may be.

    4) Respect seniors, and market to them that way. No need for glitz and glamor, just present your product or service to them in an honest way. This does not mean that you cannot have fun with your marketing or advertising, but keep in mind that seniors are smart and want to be treated as an equal.