• Technology for Seniors: Why Twitter Isn’t Just For Your Grandkids

    Posted on September 13, 2010 by in Featured

    Editors Note: This week, we will be featuring a guest writer, Alexis Bonari.  Alexis is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is a passionate blogger on the topic of education and writes for College Scholarships.org.  In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

    As we age, it becomes less and less convenient to keep up with increasingly complex technological advances.  For some, it can feel like technology jumps five steps ahead in the time it takes to learn how to use one new product. Continuing to embrace technology as we age, however, has a few advantages.

    1. It keeps us connected.

    Aging doesn’t have to equal isolation.  Everyone is connecting to lost friends, family, and even love interests using social networking sites and other online media.  Taking advantage of the resources the Internet has to offer allows seniors to share their wisdom, make new friends, explore hobbies, and reconnect with old classmates and family members.  All this can be accomplished without leaving your house.

    2. It’s good for your mind.

    Learning to use technology is a challenge because it requires the user to learn a new way of thinking. Young people easily make use of cell phones, laptops, readers, and other devices because they’re familiar with the general principles that dictate their operation.  Taking the initiative to learn this new way of thinking and organization will keep your mind sharp.  In the past, seniors relied upon activities like reading or crossword puzzles for the same purpose.

    3. It makes everyday tasks easier.

    Learn how to use an e-reader and you have a whole library at your fingertips.  There’s even an option to increase the font size if the text appears too small.  Learn how to use a smart phone and you can be connected instantly to anyone in the world.  Technology can make everyday tasks more enjoyable and, more importantly, easier.

  • Technology is great for seniors, and now that the baby boomer generation is beginning to retire it will be more prevalent in their lives. The old cliche that senior citizens cannot use computers is over and done with, and you present great reasons why. Staying connected is probably the major reason for the adoption of computer and internet use, especially through social media. I agree with you that it is also good for the mind to learn new things, especially the sense of accomplishment which results. Finally, the fact that they make life easier. This is the quintessential reason why we offer the best and most innovative products out there.