• There’s an App for that: BIG Launcher

    Posted on June 10, 2013 by in Featured

    There are thousands of apps out there that can assist with things ranging from helping you get fit to reminding you when you need to take your medication.  Many of these apps can be very useful to older adults who desire to age in place.  June is Vision Research Month and this week, we’re featuring the BIG Launcher App.  BIG Launcher is a fast and simple Android home screen developed for the elderly and people with vision problems. It was designed for readability and easy use. It is controlled by single touches – no swipes, no long presses.

    The app allows the user to access all the basic functions of the phone via a simple interface, where no one can get lost. Large texts and color icons help you to easily distinguish important items. SMS messages are sorted in conversations; large font and color coding is used for displaying the message thread.

    Downloadable themes and three font sizes allow you to use your phone without glasses. The whole interface can be controlled by hardware cursors and everything is read by Talkback – ideal for blind people. In the case of emergency, there is an SOS button available with automatic call and geolocation SMS option. BIG Launcher supports 39 languages. 

    New features in BIG Launcher 2.1

    The most important new feature of BIG Launcher 2.1 is the support for downloadable themes and icon packs. This feature allows the user to fully customize the look and feel of all the launcher screens and create a unique and original smartphone interface. This makes BIG Launcher more appealing not only to people with vision problems, but also to people who want to control their phone fast and with ease.

    New version also improves the messaging section with automatic saving of draft SMS messages and optional recurring SMS notifications with popups. You can quickly reply to the incoming message or call the sender with only one click.

    Blind users with older pre-Android 4.0 phones will appreciate the unique ‘Speak on long press’ option. This allows them to use the BIG Launcher’s interface even without the Touch to explore feature in newer Android phones. There is also an option to show the icon description on long press, which is really helpful for seniors forgetting the meaning of the icons show on the screen. Power users will be happy with the new internal widgets for controlling the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

    BIG Launcher is available in the Google Play Store for just $9.99 / 7.99€.
    Free demo version is also available. Downloadable themes work also in demo version.