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    Posted on December 16, 2009 by in Tip of the Week

    Pad of Paper & Pen

    Going to the doctor can be intimidating, but it can save your life.  Go with a list of questions you want your doctor to answer and take notes so you don’t forget anything they tell you.

  • At all VA hospitals and clinics, they have a great program called “Ask Me Three” that works for anyone seeing a doctor, whether inside the VA or not.

    The program recommends you ask your doctor three questions whenever facing a medical situation. The questions are:
    1. What is wrong with me?
    2. What are we going to do about it?
    3. Why is this necessary?
    There is one other question that I would recommend to everyone (this could be the most important question of all). When a doctor recommends a medication, medical procedure or any type of treatment, you should always, Always, ALWAYS ask;

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    Thanks so much for your comments. Those are great questions.